MOVE™ massage lounge

The MOVE™ massage lounge is powered by "Timule" technology which changes the way people relaxes through massages with the use of sound wave frequencies and 3D audio tracks that creates a fully immersive, bodily experience.

The sound wave frequencies combined with 3D audio tracks are able to penetrate the muscles of the body, relaxing them with vibrations that are in sync with the 3D audio. As the sound waves move through the body, the audio follows along in symphony like a choreographed dance routine. It takes the body on a journey of relaxtion with 3D sounds that easies the mind and vibrations that soothes the body.

The MOVE™ massage lounge is Bluetooth ready which includes headphones and tablet. The "Timule" application contains twelve massage sessions including "Power Nap" and "Stress Relief" where the user can adjust the intensity of the sound waves and the volume of the 3D audio.